Know all about the Aliments du Québec au menu – Volet Institutionnel program

Aliments du Québec recently revealed, in collaboration with Équiterre, a brand new section of its Aliments du Québec au menu recognition program. This version of the program recognizes the efforts of schools, hospitals, long term health care and other institutions about their percentage of Québec-sourced food products.

This recognition program also supports Québec's economy by encouraging food services to buy from local businesses, but also by aiming to increase sales in institution or in food service, because consumers appreciate are truly inclined to buy  a dish or a menu recognized by Aliments du Québec.

In addition to contributing to the regional economy, there are many advantages to join the Aliments du Québec au menu – Volet Institutionnel program:

  1. Obtain recognition from a known organization with an established reputation for certification of Québec-sourced products;
  2. Associate an institution with the local trend, a value shared by a growing group of the population;
  3. Participate in the grouping of institutional actors influencing the  Québec-sourced food  purchasing circuit, thus facilitating easier access to duly identified products;
  4. Encourage the Québec economy by consuming and offering more local products.


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