Exciting flavors using Lanaudière products

Eating local from the “pièce de résistance” to the seasonings!

A great way to highlight great Quebec products is to use locally produced oils, sauces and spice mixes. Our producers offer lots of mouth-watering variety options: which is why we’re inviting you to discover the Lanaudière region and tasty local produce.


Méchant Mix 

Méchant Mix offers a very wide range of healthy salad dressings and spice blends made in the region. Fans of sweet and salty combinations: we recommend L'Oranger, which combines orange salt and coriander, perfect for meat of fish marinade. Also, their salt-free, gluten-free, peanut-free and dairy-free salad dressings are suitable for all diets!



Cuisine Poirier

This company is famous for its fresh and natural mayonnaise! Their recipes without added sugar, Trans-fat and preservatives are low in salt but rich in flavor. As good as homemade, with flavors including: garlic and tomatoes, Caesar, Herbes de Provence, 5 peppers and lemon. tasty With so many options, there’s no excuse for not having local made mayonnaise!



Les Pimentiers 

The Pimentiers' products are not only made to spice up your food, but also to encourage a farm in the Joliette area, specialized in growing peppers. They grow more than 6,000 plants on site, which contribute to the production of a tasty range of spices, sauces and syrups. Burning, smoky, pungent, sweet, salty, vinegary, fruity or fragrant? It’s up to you to choose your favorite flavors!


El Ma Mia 

If it’s not already the case, El Ma Mia products will become your new must-haves to enhance your spaghetti, rosé or arrabiata sauces! We love this company which, in addition to offering excellent locally made seasonings, cares about sustainability and the environment. Their facility located in Terrebonne mainly uses geothermal energy for its heating and cooling needs. Éco Entreprise also collects its packages and containers.



Chant-O-Vent Farm

Garlic from Quebec is a must in many recipes! Ferme Chant-O-Vent grows garlic in Saint-Esprit, Lanaudière. Wild garlic, marinated garlic, garlic with herbs, minced garlic and garlic flower: an exquisite line of products that can be found in shops throughout Quebec!






Discover more Lanaudois seasoning ideas on www.goutezlanaudiere.ca!





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