Make a gift to Quebec :  buy local for Christmas

The holiday season is without a doubt the time of the year when consumption is at its highest. Whether for gifts or food, we buy in large quantities for the organization of our festivities. What if we took advantage of these buying opportunities to encourage the Quebec economy? Buying local during the holiday season, it's a gift that we make to ourselves, but also to our society!

Gifts from here

Quebec food products are well known, but what about all the other goods we can buy that also come from Quebec companies? Several sectors of the Quebec economy allow consumers to encourage local merchants. If you think of a particular product to give as a gift, it is often possible to find an equivalent that has been made here in our province. The garment industry, among others, promises many unique high quality products. Do not stop only at the big Quebec companies! Certainly, they make it easy to buy local, but the smallest traders and craftsmen can make you discover things that will surprise you in addition to impress those around you.

A table with Quebec flavor

This year, make Quebec foods the star of your holiday meals. Even if the cold season is already well underway, companies offering fresh products year-round are multiplying in Quebec. Greenhouse cultivation, in particular, is expanding in Quebec with several projects that have emerged in recent years allowing Quebecers to obtain fresh fruits and vegetables 365 days a year. Other companies use refrigeration systems to keep their crops fresh for a longer period. By using your freezer, you can also maximize the proportion of Quebec products you consume. Do not forget the huge amount of processed products that are available at all times in Quebec. Eating locally during the holidays is easier than you think!

A gesture for our economy

The gesture we make when we buy a local product has more impact than you can imagine. It contributes to a larger scale, to the growth of the Quebec economy, but above all to the preservation of thousands of jobs for Quebecers. When you buy locally, you give back to your community and you act concretely for our collective portfolio. What could be better for the holidays?

Christmas : local & original