Laiterie Chagnon

For more than 60 years, the Laiterie Chagnon produces dairy products with integrity and a true care for quality. The products are processed to a minimum in order to preserve their purity and authenticity. Laiterie Chagnon offers a variety of products, all tasty pure: milk, cream, butter, juice, ice cream and frozen yogurt. To taste the products of the Laiterie Chagnon is to savor the know-how and the creativity of our province!

A company with history

Did you know that Laiterie Chagnon is one of the last independent dairies operating in Quebec?

In 1954, this company was founded by Jacques Chagnon. Since then, the dairy has been renowned for the attention it pays to customer satisfaction, the freshness of its products, and the care it takes to offer outstanding dairy products. This is why its ice cream is one of the very few that is made from real fresh cream, making it a high-quality product at an affordable price. The business was only incorporated in 1963. Prior to this time, people called it “the Waterloo Dairy.” In 1969, the dairy moved to the premises it now occupies.

A company that aims to reduce its environmental impact

Many processing methods used in the agri-food industry consume a lot of energy. Our concern for the environment, our desire to reduce costs, and contribute to the well-being of our community has led Laiterie Chagnon to cover its roof with solar panels used to heat the water required for the cleaning, sanitization, and pasteurization processes. This solar technology ensures significant reduction in hydrocarbon use.

A company that gets involved

It is important to note that Laiterie Chagnon is a company that takes its commitment to the community very seriously. In fact, Waterloo’s arena was named the Aréna Jacques Chagnon to pay homage to this great businessman.

From the farm to you

There trucks travel around the Eastern Township every day to collect fresh milk from 23 farms. Savour this ice cream and appreciate the know-how of there employees and creativity of there ice cream experts. 6 flavours made with fresh Quebec cream!


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Laiterie Chagnon products will soon be available online through Les Fermes Lufa.