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 La Camerisière Granbyenne

La Camerisière Granbyenne

The Camerisière Granbyenne offers several versions of the haskap. That either spreads, grout, dried or frozen haskap, you will be surprised how such a small fruit can contribute as much to your day. No salt, no sugar, no fat, no gluten or sulfite, we bet you won’t resist it! Learn More

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Sélection Caseus finalists 2016 announced

Discover Aliments du Québec and Aliments préparés au Québec certified cheeses that have qualified as finalists in the competition Sélection Caseus 2016. Learn More

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 Pâtisserie Crescendo

Crostolini - garlic and rosemary

The Crostolini is perfect for fine delights lovers. This snack is inspired by a delicious Italian recipe. Baked and made from authentic ingredients, this unique product can be eaten alone or served with cheese, hummus or even dips. Your imagination is the only limit! Learn More

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Aliments du Québec
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555, boulevard Roland-Therrien, office 240
Longueuil (Québec)  J4H 4E7

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Aliments du Québec's mission is to increase the market share of Quebec food products on the domestic market through promotional activities, brand identification and consumer education.

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