Discovery of Boldwin beers

What could be more refreshing than a cold beer produced by locals for locals? Designed from a handcrafted process, Boldwin beers are made with organic ingredients that encourage producers from home. Another good reason to celebrate summer with a Boldwin!


The greatest thing about a blond beer is that it fits with almost everything! Whether for a picnic or a BBQ with friends, the Pale Ale is a beer that adapts to all occasions. Its flavors go along with any type of burger: beef, poultry and pork. As we can see the Pale Ale is the winning choice for all of your summer events!




There is no better set up for 5@7 than a tray of fine cheeses and Quebec delicatessen accompanied by a Bitter Extra Special. And for real carnivores, this rich red beer can also combine with more savoury dishes meats like lamb, red deer, game meat, etc. Reliableas an aperitif or as a piece of resistance, the Bitter Extra Special will surely please you.




And now, for spicy food fans, the American IPA will be the perfect beer! This blond beer is very aromatic, which maximizes the taste experience during your BBQ evening. So don’t limit your choices of spices and have fun to concoct tasty seasoned marinades in order to awaken all the nuances of taste of this famous IPA.



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Boldwin's beers