Buy local : Lanaudière

Lanaudière:  the undiscovered destination! Slogan well-worn by this beautiful region, located just 30 km away from Montreal, which will allow you to discover many diversified Quebec products. How can you, too, discover local food production in the Lanaudière region, which tourists and residents can enjoy on a daily basis?

Lanaudière food production in summary

The Goûtez Lanaudière promotion campaign aims to promote food produced in the region, in addition to food tourism and catering. Producers must meet the same criteria as established by Aliments du Québec to take part in this campaign. A total of 47 producers and processors, 37 Lanaudière retailers and 11 Montreal retailers are part of this campaign and work every day to showcase the products of local artisans.


Featured Products

Several product categories are available in the Lanaudière region, with essentials such as L’Alchimiste microbrewery and Cuisine Poirier, each offering unique regional products. Several farms producing their own local products are also present in the region. La Terre des Bisons offers a selection of quality bison and elk products that will surprise you. Cochon cent façons allows you to taste their primed pork in your favorite way! Les Volailles d'Angèle, on its part, is a company that allows you to taste several kinds of poultry, from chicken to duck, passing by the turkey. To make delicious smoothies, use the famous Fruit du jour frozen fruit, which is also a Lanaudière company! Discover the many products available to you here!

Discover a magnificent region by the sense of taste

Gourmet tourist tours are the best way to discover the different facets of food in the Lanaudière region. By going directly to the processors and producers, you benefit from a unique experience that allows you to taste the exceptional freshness of the different products of the region. Visit the site of Goûtez Lanaudière to plan a unique trip and make delicious discoveries!

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