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Whether it is for its impact on our economy or jobs, or for its taste or freshness or for a thousand other reasons, there are tons of motives to favour food from home.

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Consumers seeking transparency and authenticity can turn to Aliments du Québec's certification marks to make informed choices. Our labels are the key vehicle to facilitate the identification of Quebec-based food products in grocery stores.

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Aliments du Québec on the menu is a recognition program for restaurants and institutions that promote Quebec products on their menu.

At the restaurant or at the cafeteria, just like at the grocery store, it's possible to eat local!

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With almost 25,000 products verified Aliments du Québec or Aliments préparés au Québec, it's easy to spot local products. Whether for a Tuesday lunch, a Saturday dinner or big celebrations ahead, you will always find the right product!


1,500 Companies

Aliments du Québec counts 1,500 agri-food companies as members, working in both production and processing.