Strengthen your network

Aliments du Québec is at the centre of the agri-food industry and offers its members networking opportunities with producers and processors, restaurants, institutions and distributors at trade shows and events. Meet future business partners!

Personalized services

Our teams assist you throughout the certification process and offer services, training and events suited to your needs, facilitating promotion of your products and your business.

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A fair fee schedule

In addition to offering membership fees that are proportional to the business’ size, Aliments du Québec serves small and medium-sized businesses by offering services at preferential rates, as well as discounts for its partners.

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10 advantages of joining Aliments du Québec


to have the origin of your products certified;


to take advantage of the brand reputation, which we promote every year through a major advertising campaign (television, magazines, web);


to benefit from the right to use the trademarks (logos) on the packaging;


to benefit from preferential rates for special events reserved for Aliments du Québec member companies (eg. : SIAL Montréal);


to benefit from a visibility on the Aliments du Québec website;


to take advantage of our co-advertising opportunities at exceptional rates, as well as funding from Aliments du Québec;


to benefit from the identification of certified products in stores, other point of sale and in circular;


to attend, at preferential rates, events reserved for members such as luncheon conferences, trainings, events;


to take advantage of the related services offered by our partners, some of which are free;


to contribute to the development of jobs and to the promotion of Québec agri-food products throughout the province.

Grow Together

Here at Aliments du Québec we work hard to promote the local companies and products. Discover the testimonials of our members, they say it better!



Join more than 1,350 Quebec companies and enjoy all the benefits

There are a lot of benefits to joining Aliments du Québec and getting your products certified, particularly in terms of identification, services and opportunities at reduced cost.