Don’t waste your Christmas leftovers – A good way to start the New Year!

The large amount of food prepared during the Holiday season should not be thrown away. You should think beforehand how to reuse your leftovers. Several options are available to you, but you will still have to be creative!

Here are some suggestions, following the recipes we have suggested in our Christmas menu.

Mashed potatoes can be transformed into burger patties, with onion confit and minced turkey meat. Form a disc, to be covered in breadcrumbs and cooked in a skillet. You will have enough to prepare an easy meal, without noticing it’s the same food as the day before.

You can also bring leftovers as a lunch to work. Reuse empty Mason jars to assemble a hearty meal. Place mashed potatoes at the bottom, add some stew and top it off with a little cranberry sauce. Even your colleagues will envy you! You could also replace the stew with turkey meat and green peas at the top. Use your imagination!

Surprise your guests by providing a Mason jar to each one. They will be able to bring home their own leftovers and a little extra. This way, you won’t have to eat turkey for the next week! This idea could also be reused for other gatherings.  Throwing less food could even be a good resolution for 2018!