Aquafuchsia: A Value-Based Company

The focus is on health, integrity and growth not of the company, but of those who work there; Aquafuchsia is one of those organizations that make you want to start a business!

Aquafuchsia, around since the end of the 1970s, once was named Luzernobec. Founded by Jessie Taras, the company was brought to life inside an apartment on Sherbrooke Street in Montreal. Due to its popularity, the young business woman had to find a partner to meet the growing demand of her healthy, high-quality products. Organic sprouts had to be produced in a more strategic place to better meet the demands of Quebec and Ontario markets. Jessie and her new partner, Barbara, moved to Rigaud to continue their project.


After Barbara’s departure in 2002, Jessie believes it is time to pass the torch after 34 years of operation. Her objective is absolutely not to sell her business at the best price - she is concerned with choosing a passionate and dedicated investor who will take care of her company and bring it to greater heights. An investor who is already working in the food industry is now very interested in the company. Jean-Pierre Joseph bought the company while maintaining the values on which it is based. 

Successful Years and Numerous Ongoing Projects


There have been many developments since 2016, including the relocation of the company to a better-suited location in Laval with more advanced technologies. Aquafuchsia is constantly innovating in order to offer new products to consumers in Quebec. In 2017, the company launched kale, carrot and garlic sprout products. We can certainly expect more products soon!


With a particular attention to quality, Aquafuchsia produces alfalfa and sprouts in a safe environment without the use of chemicals or fertilizers. The environment and the well-being of the consumer are at the core of this entirely Quebec-owned company's strategy, which is heavily reflected in Aquafuchsia foods.


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