Bonté Distribution

Who doesn’t love honey? With its rich taste and creamy texture, it’s a popular ingredient in sweet and savoury dishes alike. Honey is a regional treasure, and the Labontés could see its potential when they first founded Bonté Distribution as a husband-and-wife team.


From day one, Bonté Distribution set out to make its products available throughout the entire province. Promise made, promise kept! Now with a six-person production team and over a dozen road reps who travel across Québec, Bonté Distribution makes a wide range of products that are readily available at your local supermarket, convenience store, independent grocery or drug store.

No shortage of choices!

Over the years, Bonté Distribution has staked its claim in the market with a wide variety of honey-based products including lozenges, lollipops, candies, spreads and sauces. And because two types of liquid gold are better than one, Bonté also distributes maple syrup, another Québec specialty product. So whether you are team honey or team maple, this homegrown company has everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Honey lollipops!

Have you ever used a honey lollipop to sooth your child’s sore throat? The stick minimizes any choking hazard, making lollipops a great choice for smaller children. Kids and adults will love the smooth sensation of the honey coating their scratchy throat. Stock up before a cold virus hits your house!

Bonté Distribution takes positive and negative customer feedback seriously. For this Victoriaville family business, focusing on customers has always been a winning recipe!

Honesty, respect, initiative and self-sufficiency are the cornerstones of Bonté Distribution’s success. To coin a phrase: a day without Bonté honey is like a day without sunshine!