L’Ancêtre: A Canadian Leader in Organic Cheese

To end the year in style, we’re going to meet a company from Quebec that dedicates itself to making a difference every day. Who are we talking about? The one and only Fromagerie L'Ancêtre! Let’s discuss environmental issues and organic dairy products with them.

How Are L'Ancêtre Cheeses and Butters Different?

The motto of Fromagerie L'Ancêtre is: "Every bite is a better world," from the farm to final product. This vision guides all activities of the cheese company and has been at the heart of this local company for 27 years! Touching on the importance of health, Fromagerie L'Ancêtre uses no chemical pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, artificial colours or genetically modified organisms in their production, which has been awarded several times in Quebec and abroad.

How Did All This Begin?

1992 was a prolific year for this group of visionary producers, which has led to Fromagerie L'Ancêtre becoming a flagship of Quebec's economy. Today, L'Ancêtre is considered to be the largest organic cheese producer in Canada. That's something! From coast to coast, the reaction to their butters and cheeses are unanimous: just as good for you as it is for the environment.

How to Stay on Top?

One word: Innovation. The best ally of a company will always be their consumers. After all, it’s because of them that L'Ancêtre exists. That being said, in order to ensure constant development, an annual budget is allocated for numerous innovative projects. Having listened to nutrition experts, scientists, and their own parents, founders of Fromagerie L'Ancêtre have learned that respect for traditions never hinders innovation.

Which Cheese Is your Favourite?

While all of their cheeses are good, the Emmental-style L'Ancêtre cheese is, without a doubt, one of our favourites. Its perfect sweet-and-salty flavour balanced with the taste of hazelnut leaves you wanting more. Being a lactose and gluten-free product, it’s the perfect pairing for your wine and dine evenings. Not convinced yet? Try it first and let’s talk after!

To learn more about Fromagerie L'Ancêtre and their organic cheeses, go to www.fromagerieancetre.com. By consuming responsibly, we can all make a difference collectively as individuals.

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