Meet SuperDips

In this article we are getting to meet with SuperDips, which is managed by Francine Gaudet (the co-owner).

So, Francine, tell us where did you get the idea to launch SuperDips?

After living for more than 20 years in the United States with my husband, we came back to Quebec with the idea of ​​creating our own mix of dipping spices. These products were very popular back in the US, but we couldn’t find the equivalent here in Quebec. We made some research to create our own 100% natural mixes. To this day, we are the only ones in Quebec to offer this type of healthy alternative to prepared dips.

How did you develop your first recipe?

All the mixes are created by my husband and me. I get the idea of the recipe and my husband mixes the spices! Our first commercialized recipe was garlic. It was so appreciated during our first exhibitions that we developed other assortments. Today, our range contains more than 25 flavors. It must be said that everything is handmade, from the spice mix to the labeling. We have seven machines for bagging dip mixes, which produces more than 900 bags per hour.

What is your best exhibition story?

One day, during an exhibition in Lac-Saint-Jean, a lady comes to our booth and tastes our products. After taking a bite, she says, "Your products should be illegal. Confused, I ask her why. She answers me spontaneously: "Because they are so good that it is impossible they’re legal!”

What is your best seller?

Without hesitation, maple garlic! Dehydrated garlic with maple syrup is divine. It is not uncommon for people to leave our booth with one or many bags. To understand, you have no choice but to taste it! (laughing)

What is your favorite product?

Oh, it’s a difficult choice. If I have to pick only one, I would go for Curry Coconut. The two main ingredients are coconut water powder and Madras curry. It is not coconut that gives the aromas, but the coconut water. It makes all the difference, believe me! It's so good that you could eat it with a spoon! (laughing)

 In 5 years, where would you like to be?

Good question. We will be everywhere! (laughter) To be honest, if we could have conquered almost all Canada, it would be a great success!

And now who wants to enjoy SuperDips mixes? To order online or learn more about the SuperDips product line, click here.