Nutrinor and Its Four Fundamental Values

Nutri what? Nutrinor. Three unforgettable syllables. 70 years of history. This local company, founded in Lac-Saint-Jean, distributes its products and services all across Quebec. Having recently blown out 70 birthday candles, this cooperative is proud to apply its expertise to four major areas: agricultural food processing, farming, energy, and hardware stores.

It’s with great ambition and determination that Nutrinor gave itself the mission to unite the capabilities of its members to that of the land in order to grow the collective wealth in a sustainable way. With more than 1,075 member producers, $469 million in revenue, and $157 million in assets, Nutrinor is not afraid to affirm that it is one of the leading food producing cooperatives in Quebec. To create such an impact in our community, it is critical to start from a solid standpoint with strong values such as transparency, empowerment, innovation, and recognition.

“Our father, who has always been a member of Nutrinor, explained to us how it was in his time, how it has evolved, and the decisions that were taken to get there. Seeing the evolution makes us enormously proud. We are capable of seeing a very promising future. When you know the past and you know how they have been proactive, the future looks promising.”

- Marc-André et David Blackburn

Ferme Blackburn et fils, Jonquière

At Nutrinor, transparency can be summed up by three actions: empowerment, adaptation, and communication. Since its inception, the company’s motto has been about taking an ethical approach in all of its practices. It doesn’t fear words and is prepared to justify all decisions concerning its members.

“I was there at the 50th (anniversary), I’m here at the 70th, and I’m telling myself that I’ll be there at the 90th (laughs). I’ll still be there.”

- Réginald Perron

Ferme RM Perron et fils, La Baie

A management that advocates creativity and initiative inevitably brings empowerment to the table. This element is essential in a cooperative organization as it favours adaptation and the sustainable development of decisions. By putting in place a culture of empowerment that encourages partnership, confidence, and engagement, Nutrinor’s management is ensuring that the organization can withstand the test of time. Here, it appears that the theory has been proven!

“For me, I take the greatest pride in seeing the evolution that Nutrinor has undergone. From the 40s, 50s, 60s to today, the cooperative has always adapted itself to the market and today we’re proud to see Nutrinor across the whole region.”

 - Camil and Pascale Maltais

Ferme Maltais, Hébertville-Station

To renew oneself, one must innovate. Nutrinor certainly is not afraid of innovation. Thanks to its desire to innovate, this Lac-Saint-Jean cooperative has known how to evolve over the years by creating new ways of relating to its employees, members, partners, and above all, its clients.

“When Nutrinor is doing well and shines, it all comes back to us. Because the cooperative belongs to us. Of course, we receive a discount as a result, but we’re also proud to say that we’re all taking part in this great adventure together.”

- Sabrina Gagnon and David Hossay

Ferme Liégeoise, Albanel

As you can see with these members’ testimonies, recognition is at the heart of Nutrinor’s practices. It’s by taking concrete actions on a continuous basis, both internally and externally, that this cooperative has been able to generate such a significant collective benefit.

In honour of its 70th anniversary, Nutrinor has created a testimonial video highlighting its members. The video can be viewed here.


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