Oomph seasoning

What if popcorn became the utlimate healthy "snack"? With Nathalie Bombardier and OOMPH seasonings, we are getting closer to this reality. Here is the portrait of an entrepreneur like no other and her very promising company, which will make you salivate!

Falling to get back up

After losing her long-time job in a large company, she finds herself at home full time for the first time in her career. It was after a movie night with her son that Nathalie had the idea to start a business. By researching popcorn seasonings at the request of her son, she discovers an untapped gold mine: seasonings made with natural ingredients. Impossible to find this product without it being stuffed with additive, dye or hydrogenated oil! It is her interest in healthy and natural food and her marketing experience that drives her to make her own seasonings.


Take care of everything from A to Z

Nathalie did not cut things halfway for OOMPH. Indeed, she deals with all aspects of the business, except the graphic design that is delegated to her brother. She was inspired by online recipes, YouTube videos and tutorials to create her company's image and ensure a good presence on the Web. With the help of her spouse, she even built a food manufacturing workshop for her operations! OOMPH seasonings are all made in Quebec, by a passionate entrepreneur. Despite the daily challenges of entrepreneurship, Nathalie continues to dream of growth and has a lot of ambition for OOMPH.

Unique products

In addition to the fact that OOMPH seasonings are made from 100 % natural ingredients, the flavors are innovative and delicious. Whether it's the classic taste of Himalayan salt or the surprising taste of Cajun spices, each seasoning is unique and above all, versatile. Indeed, they can be used with many other products, including mashed potatoes and chicken drumsticks! See our article Featured Product: OOMPH seasonings to learn more.