Saveurs Balatti

The company Saveurs Balatti is the perfect example of a small local farm that has grown to give a day to a company offering products that have kept their essence and are worth seeing. With nearly 15 products that will help you add flavor to your recipes, this company has a unique history and processes.








From mini-farm to well established business

The company began its activities in 1987 in a campaign of the village of Ste-Madeleine Montérégie. Its founder, Renato Balatti, kept the reindeer of the Balatti Mini-Farm (his name at the time) until 1996. It was on this date that Philippe Bonnet became the owner of the company that moved into the major agri-food region of St-Hyacinthe in 2005. The current name, Saveurs Balatti, has been in effect since 2014. Despite the change of ownership, the original recipes have been preserved.

Preserving flavors at all costs

The process of processing the used herbs helps preserve the freshness of the food: naturally picked herbs are washed and mixed with canola oil the same day. The freshness of the herbs is exceptional and the shelf life is much greater. In the process of transformation, a unique system called Natural HPP is used. It is actually a cold food processing that uses the very high hydrostatic pressure. It is therefore water that is at the base of the transformation. In this way, the fresh taste of the herbs is preserved.

Choosing these seasonings allows you to get the taste of different fresh spices with a longer shelf life. It is therefore time to trade some dry spices for maximum freshness in your meals! See our article Product to discover - Balatti Flavors to know their star products. To maximize the use of these