Local Certification Marks to Guide You in Your Grocery Shopping

We are increasingly aware of the importance of buying local for economic, social and environmental reasons. And for almost 25 years now, Aliments du Québec has supported agrifood companies in the province by promoting thousands of local products. Thanks to this non-profit organization, we have already been able to identify Quebec products in grocery stores for about a decade. To this day, it is the only Quebec-based organization that guarantees the product’s origins through control and verification. A safe bet!

Here’s an overview of the different Aliments du Québec certifications to guide you during your next visit at the grocery store or when ordering meals.


Aliments du Québec

What does the “Aliments du Québec” tag on packaging actually mean? It's very simple: all Aliments du Québec products that you see when grocery shopping are made of a minimum of 85% Quebec-based ingredients, and all processing and packaging activities are carried out here. This way, the local economy is supported across the entire food production chain. 

Among the products bearing this logo, we mainly find meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables, milk and certain cheeses whose provenance and composition have been verified beforehand by the organization.

Why 85% of local ingredients and not 100%? This flexibility allows to consider products with minor ingredients coming from outside Quebec, such as herbs, spices, flavours or preservatives. For example, a piece of Quebec pork flavoured with Provence herbs may benefit from the Aliments du Québec certification mark.

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Aliments préparés au Québec

The Aliments préparés au Québec certification highlights the many products processed here that we can find in our kitchen. This tag first guarantees that the product’s processing and packaging was completed in Quebec. In addition, products must also be composed of local ingredients, when these are available in Quebec in sufficient quantity. There are products bearing the certification in all categories: ready-to-eat meals, drinks, candies, snacks, couscous, coffee, chocolate - as long as they meet the origin criterion!


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Aliments du Québec - Bio 

New variations were created in 2013, in collaboration with the Conseil des appellations réservées et des termes valorisants (CARTV) which ensures the authenticity of Quebec organic products. The Aliments du Québec - Bio certification mark offers a double guarantee and highlights sustainable farms and producers who make sure to implement the healthiest agricultural practices. There are not only fruits and vegetables in this category, but also spices, cereals, oils, dairy products and many others!


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Aliments préparés au Québec - Bio 

Following the same principle as for Aliments préparés au Québec, its organic version showcase a variety of drinks, spreads, nut mixes, teas and more, which meet both organic and origin criterion - a win-win for all.


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Aliments du Québec au menu

New era, new certification! Today, more than 670 restaurants and food service establishments are proudly certified Aliments du Québec au Menu. As the name suggests, these companies and institutions have a special place for Quebec products on their menu and promote local products in the kitchen. A great initiative to make local choices possible in grocery stores, restaurants and cafeterias!


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