True or false, lactose-free cheeses are not made from milk?

Nothing to worry here, even if a cheese is lactose-free it’s been made from milk. How’s this possible?

Mystery solved

There are 2 main explanations to this situation: the manufacturing process and aging cheese.

Lactose removal

Lactose is a natural sugar found in milk. In some cheese making process, this component is being removed. For Gouda-type cheeses, such the one from Fromagerie Bergeron, lactose extraction takes place at the beginning of process. Ultrafiltration is one technique that can be used to mechanically separate lactose from milk.

Next, the aging phase plays a major role, since the remaining lactose is divided into two distinct sugars: glucose and galactose.

After these 2 major stages, you end up with a delicious cheese that is lactose-free! Interesting fact: this sugar separation is normally done by the human body. This is not the case for lactose intolerant people.

Bergeron cheeses: lactose-free from the beginning

Despite the rising demand for lactose-free cheeses, Fromagerie Bergeron’s products have been this way for 30 years. It allows everyone to enjoy fine cheeses without restrictions.

Whether it’s Le Bergeron Classique (regular or light), Le Calumet (regular or light), Le Coureur des Bois, Le Fin Renard, Le Louis Cyr, Le Gouda Doux, Le Lotbinière, Le patte Blanche, le P’tit Bonheur, Le Seigneur de Tilly or the Six Pourcent, everybody will find something to their taste!