When Organic Cheese and the Environment Go Hand in Hand

In the last decade, the environment has become a central point of discussion for the future of human existence. Everyone in their own way, can help make a difference by doing small things in their everyday lives that ultimately lead to positive change. Composting, recycling and buying local products are actions that can help promote a healthy planet.

Did you know that when buying certified organic local foods, such as Quebec dairy products, you are helping to reduce the effects of climate change? Who would have thought that purchasing your favourite organic cheese from your local supermarket could have such an impact!

But Still

Everything starts with organic farming practices. Using a natural grazing process, we make sure to increase the organic substance that restores ground biodiversity. Indeed, more biodiversity means less carbon dioxide in the soil. In other words, the use of grazing absorbs and traps greenhouse gases. No chemical fertilizers are used in organic farming. During their manufacturing and distribution, many products emit nitrous oxides. These greenhouse gases are almost 300 times more damaging than carbon dioxide emissions.

L'Ancêtre Cheese: Say Hello to Organic Products

Health and the environment are two main values at the heart of Fromagerie L'Ancêtre’s concerns. That's why this company's mission is to offer a selection of organic butters and cheeses certified by Canada Organic, Québec Vrai, and Aliments du Québec Bio. With the goal of preserving biodiversity, soil quality and animal health, Fromagerie L'Ancêtre ensures, day after day, that its activities work in harmony with nature.

Next time you shop, look for products with the Aliments du Québec Bio and Aliments préparés au Québec Bio labels. These products have obtained our certifications as they meet both our criteria and those imposed and validated by the CARTV regarding organic certification—a double guarantee!

For more information on Fromagerie L'Ancêtre cheese products, visit their business listing here.

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