Quebec Is The World Leader In Maple Syrup Production

Maple syrup, a distinctive product of Quebec, is recognized around the world. It is no coincidence that the province is the produces 71% of all world supply! [1]

Indeed, even if it is only possible to produce maple syrup under very specific conditions, existing solely in the northern hemisphere, this sweet elixir is consumed on a planetary scale! Quebec’s maple syrup is mostly exported in the United States, Germany and Japan. [2] From Europe to Asia, what a journey! In European Christmas markets, maple products are sold as luxury products. Even in the United States, where corn syrup is more common, pure Canadian maple syrup is a treat.

In total, more than 11 million gallons of maple syrup come out of sugar shacks annually in Quebec, accounting for more than 90% of all Canadian domestic production. [2] This is not too surprising, given that Quebec has more than 13,500 maple syrup producers working in some 7,600 sugar groves, which are predominantly concentrated in the Chaudière-Appalaches region. [3] ] Exploitation of sugar groves creates jobs in the production, processing of maple products and other food products and management of this natural resource.

It is also a profitable industry for the local economy: in 2016, the gross value of maple products in Canada was over $ 486.5 million. A true gold mine!  [4]

However, this production is entirely dependent on Mother Nature, whose mood swings may be, from year to year, compromising the season of sugars or ensuring an abundant harvest.

Do you know how many gallons of maple water are needed to produce a single liter of maple syrup? We're talking about no less than 45 liters of maple water! Similarly, each tree produces an average of 1 liter of syrup per year, depending on the size of the trunk and the number of stalks. [5] We should all be more grateful for this delight that we often take for granted, given the abundance of syrup to which we are accustomed here. 

It sweetens our daily lives, makes our people work, contributes to the economy of the province and put our expertise in the spotlight internationally: rightly, maple is a source of pride!




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