Five Surprising Facts About Local Organic Food

Or-ga-nic! One word, three syllables, a world of benefits.

Organic is much more than a simple certification or a new grocery store aisle - it’s a giant step towards better preservation of both personal and environmental health.

For Nutrition Month, we thought it was the perfect time to highlight 5 surprising facts about organic products made right here, in Quebec. As you might already know, this list is an opportunity for us to drop organic knowledge and facts - take notes!

1. Quebec Was the First Region in Canada to Pass Legislations to Regulate Organic Products!

In fact, our love story with this production method goes back to more than two decades. Since February 1, 2000, the term "organic" is reserved and protected. It means all products identified as "organic" have to meet specific standards - we can therefore enjoy these foods with peace of mind, knowing that our choices are aligned with our values.

2. Reasons to Be Proud: Quebec Is the Land of Organic Cranberries

Indeed, 90% of all organic cranberries found around the world are cultivated here. (Show people you’re book smart by dropping this fact during a family gathering or around the coffee machine at work!)

3. Combining Local and Organic Helps Creating Jobs

Going for Quebec-based organic food means encouraging more than 3000 local producers, many of which carry Aliments du Québec bio and Aliments préparés au Québec bio seals! So, if we choose local organic apples for instance - we not only get the perfect ingredient for a delicious crisp, we also have a positive impact on the local economy. As the saying goes: an organic apple a day, keeps unemployment away!

4. Local Organic Foods Are Not Only Good for your Health Conditions, but Also Towards Animals and Insects!

What do birds, fish, bees, bumblebees and ladybugs have in common? They all benefit from an organic production method, without which their survival would be threatened.

5. More Than 1,000 Local Foods Are Certified Aliments du Québec bio and Aliments préparés au Québec bio!

With such a high volume of products, we understand why organic foods are ideal for  broadening the scope of your tastes and getting out of the vicious circle driven by steak, corn, and potatoes.


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