Château Taillefer Lafon: a vineyard like no other!

A title traditionally reserved for major European vineyards, "Château Taillefer Lafon" is the first vineyard in Quebec authorized to use the term "Château". In addition, it’s the largest grape producer from "noble vineyards" in the whole province, offering a wide range of exceptional products.

Alors que ses premières vignes ont été plantées en 1999, le vignoble a remporté son premier prix en 2004! Depuis, chacun des produits signés « Château Taillefer Lafon » s’est vu décerner multiples prix et distinctions à l’occasion de concours d’envergure internationale. En effet, le microclimat de la région ainsi que la qualité des terres du « Château Taillefer Lafon » ont de ce dernier un vignoble d’exception se distinguant par le limon fertile laissé par la mer Champlain, il y a de cela des milliers d’années.

The « Grand frisson de glace »

The vineyard was created in 1999 and won its first prize in 2004. Since then, each product from the Château has been awarded multiple prizes and awards, from international competitions. The region’s microclimate and soil’s richness contribute to making "Château Taillefer Lafon" an exceptional vineyard. Without a doubt, the fertile silt left by the Champlain Sea (thousands of years ago) is beneficial to this culture.

« Cuvée Premium » white wine

The white wine called "Cuvée Premium" is also one of their most popular products. It’s made from a harmonious blend of Riesling, Chardonnay and Vidal, offering an exquisite fruitiness, a delightful bouquet of flowers and intense honey. The fresh citrus aromas and excellent acidity-sweetness balance makes it great for wine tasting or to accompany seafood.

« Cuvée Premium » red wine

Their red wine, also called "Cuvée Premium", is the result of a blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Pinot Noir. The harmony of its aromas is a combination of black cherries, black currant, vanilla and chocolate. As for its mouth, it has an ample texture and it ends in a sustained final. This red goes well with braised beef or pork tenderloin.


Taillefer Lafon products

Cuvée Premium Rosé
Château Taillefer Lafon
Cuvée Premium Blanc
Château Taillefer Lafon
Cuvée Premium Rouge
Château Taillefer Lafon
Grand frisson de glace
Château Taillefer Lafon