OMAX Bars: #livingomax

At some point, we all need a little boost of energy to support our daily madness. When cravings occur, we often have the annoying habit of gobbling up the first thing that comes to hand. Although it feels good on the spot, the chosen snack does not necessarily fill the nutritional intake we need... You only have one word to remember: OMAX.


Whether it’s for a sports activity or a busy day, OMAX snacks are THE source of energy your body needs. There is an OMAX product for every appetite. Get to know which one is yours!

Hiking Day

Sunday afternoon with comfortable shoes and a bottle of water in hand, you’re good to go! Nothing missing for your hike? A snack, duh! The cranberry-lemon combo is always a winning option and it’s something OMAX understands. Made from real dried cranberries, the OMAX Cranberry & Lemon bars give the kick needed to complete the hike just the way it all started. 

Hockey Tournaments

Very early on Saturday morning: it’s time for the thousandth tournament of the season. Before 9 AM, after your first two coffees, it is essential to put something in your stomach. On-the-go breakfasts are often disappointing, but not this one. An OMAX Oatmeal & Quinoa bar is the perfect snack to take with you while drinking your third coffee of the day.

Road Trip

Friday 6 PM, ready for a 3-day weekend. Why not go for a little family road trip? The next stop is only several kilometres away and the children are already hungry even though they had plenty of food. That's the right time for mom or dad to get these nutritious OMAX Granola. The rich oat flavour combined with apricot notes will leave no family member indifferent. A second batch on the way back is required!