So many ways to savor Bel Gaufre

If there is one thing we’ve learned from “foodies” is that a meal can be served in many ways. Don’t be afraid to try new recipes and make your own version of popular classics. Waffles at breakfast, lunch and dinner it’s a YES! 

How to resist?

At Bel Gaufre, our original vanilla waffle is without a doubt one of our favorites. Its vanilla taste and granulated sugar on top are delighting. When melted, you’ll taste a light taste of caramel on the edges. Our waffles are appreciated as they are sold ready to serve, like bread or a croissant. First, it saves a lot of time; second, you can enjoy all its flavors in one bite. For those who want to enjoy this sweet taste on the go, the individual packaging format is perfect for you!  

Morning, Lunch, Dinner


Maple syrup on Belgian waffle: a classic duo that combines two winning foods. For those who prefered salty options, let's try the waffle breakfast sandwich with egg, ham and cheese. That's a good way to start the day on a positive note! And for a fanciest look, add a Benedictine egg on top of the waffle!

Lunch or dinner

Very popular among our neighbors down South, the chicken and waffle sandwich might surprise many! Don’t limit yourself to chicken. All meats work well with waffles: pulled pork, grilled chicken, minced meat, tofu, etc. Let your imagination run free o or let your appetite guide you! 


Ice cream, fresh fruits, chocolate sauce; no one can resist a sweet treat. For a quick dessert, chocolate fondue with freshly baked waffle pieces is a great alternative. 

And now, who wants a waffle?


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