The irresistible Delicouki pies

Now that it’s time for maple syrup harvest, it becomes impossible to resist to the tempting treats and desserts prepared with our national nectar: maple syrup. All in Québec cherishes the flavor, especially because it constantly reminds us of some sweet childhood memories.

In order to make us live a journey back in our youth that taste great memories, the company Delicouki has created two gourmet desserts: “apple and sugar cream pie” and  “old-fashioned sugar pie” which, for both of them, remind us instinctively of the comfort that procured our grandmother's food.

Obviously, we can find both said flavors in grocery stores in the usual format, so in 8-inch pie. An ideal pie to share at the end of a homemade sugar shack style kind of meal! From now on there’s also a new size, the 6-inch tartlet, an ideal treat for those who wants to sugarcoat their week without the guilt.


As the name of the collection “La croute dorée” suggests it, all pies have a golden crust and are made of a delicious crispy dough. Not to mention that pies, tartlets and all other products prepared by the company are nut and peanut-free.

Furthermore, Délicouki always takes care of every detail. That's why you can find a little heart in the center of each pie and tartlet crafted,  to remind us that all products prepared by the company are made with nothing but love.

When made with love and passion, a cookie is no longer a simple cookie. It becomes a privileged moment… a journey back in our youth that taste great memories. We call these moments, Delicouki’s moments… and here are the products that will lead you there!