The Perfect Dolbec

Mashed, fried, skewered or barbecued, there are so many ways to cook this starch. But do you really know which type of potato is suitable for which dish? Although it may seem simple to choose the right potatoes, it may be a more complex task than one might imagine. Dolbec heard your prayers and created this new range of Dolbec potatoes: Parfaite.

Just like apples, each variety of potato has its own properties, which influence the taste according to the way it is prepared. The Parfaite range is the remedy for all ills. No need to think too hard when at the grocery store. By relying on the tag on each bag, you can be sure to get the right variety for your recipe.



When you buy a bag of potatoes at the supermarket, it often never contains the same varieties from one shopping trip to another. So, how do you make sure the potatoes you got are perfect for your gratin dish? The Dolbec Au four Parfaite is THE solution for baked potatoes.




To ensure uniform cooking on the BBQ, you ideally want same-sized potatoes. The BBQ Parfaite variety includes russet potatoes of equal size, washed and pre-packed with foil. All you need to do is light up your BBQ!



Prepping fries is a challenge on its own. To do it the right way, you have to start with the right produce: Frite Parfaite. Equally sized Goldrush potatoes ensure optimal frying.



Grilled in foil, stir-fried or simply boiled, Mini Parfaite can easily adapt to your mood. In addition, you don’t even need to peel them. What’s not to love?



Do you have any idea which potato will get you a good, creamy mash? The Dolbec, duh! Purée Parfaite offers the best yellow-fleshed products for mashed potatoes that will impress your guests every time.

And guess what? The Parfaite range is now on sale at all Metro and Super C supermarkets. Simple as that!