Th Queen of gravlax 

Passionate about gourmet and healthy food, Marie-Lise Roux knows how to please her guests: serving her popular and delicious cured salmon gravlax. This Scandinavian culinary dish consists of a marinated raw salmon fillet in a dry rub of salt, sugar and herbs. Often prepared in her kitchen and becoming very popular among her friends and family, it gradually became a business project. In 2016, Reine Mer was born and in 2018 it launched its first product: handmade salmon gravlax with fresh and eco-responsible ingredients!

High quality ingredient suppliers

Reine Mer’s premium salmon products are still prepared by hand in beautiful Quebec City. Proud entrepreneur from the Île d'Orléans, all her business’ products are made from high quality natural and fresh ingredients, provided by local suppliers.

The Atlantic salmon comes from aquacultures in the cold waters off the coast of New Brunswick. It’s certified Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) which means that breeding follows the best practices in terms of water quality, nutrition and pond size. For Reine Mer, it’s essential to work with suppliers who share its eco-responsible values.

Chives, fennel, tarragon and parsley, Reine Mer also works with other Quebec suppliers for fresh herbs included in all her recipes!

A tender and melting gravlax

The star product of the line is obviously the cured salmon gravlax, which stands out for its soft and mouth melting texture. Fresh herbs enhance the finesse of the product without taking over the palate, to preserve the delicious and authentic taste of salmon.

How to make cured salmon gravlax?

There is nothing easier! No preparation is required: just thaw, serve and enjoy! It contains 50% less salt compared to smoked salmon and is just as tasty, since the fish’s taste is not masked by seasonings. The freshness and exquisite flavor of Reine Mer gravlax is the perfect piece of resistance for homemade poke bowls accompanied with Quebec vegetables such as carrots, beets, cucumbers and peppers.



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