The surprising freshness of Saveurs Balatti

What's better for cooking quickly and easily than potted spices or pestos? Saveurs Balatti is a company that has existed for many years and is well anchored in the eating habits of Quebecers. Here are the featured products from this company that you absolutely need to add to your fridge to help you out when you want to cook quickly or even use with more complex recipes.

Basil pesto

The famous basil pesto no longer needs presentation. This is the next best thing frequently found in all the students’ fridges. In addition to being economical, basil pesto can give a lot of flavor to a dish in a very short time. Certainly, pasta is the perfect food to use this type of pesto. Yet it fits in with a lot of other recipes! Try our beef tataki and our minestrone pesto soup to start!

Tomato pesto

To try something else than the basil pesto, you must have a tomato pesto in your fridge. Add the pesto to your pasta and put on an excellent Quebec cheese for a delicious result. Like basil pesto, it is also used with other dishes! Try it with fish for a quick and tasty dinner.

Italien Bouquet

This flavor is a blend of 6 varieties of herbs, among which  rosemary can be found. Herbs are put in canola oil. In addition to using many types of pasta, they are perfect for grilling and to complement a fish meal. An essential and tasty ingredient that is used in a snap of fingers.


This Balatti Flavor product contains fresh ginger that has been crushed and washed then put into canola oil to enhance its shelf life. It can be used in the same way as fresh ginger in all recipes that require it. Do not forget to incorporate it into your stir-fries with Asian flavors to add flavor and freshness to your dish.

All the products mentioned above are nut-free and gluten-free! Something to please everyone, regardless of their dietary restrictions.