What's Your Favourite Popcorn Flavour: Pink Salt, Maple BBQ or Spicy Cajun...?

Are you familiar with OOMPH popcorn seasonings? This Quebec-based product is becoming increasingly popular and is made from 100% natural ingredients, coming in 6 different tasty flavours.

New at OOMPH!

This winter, OOMPH has a brand new deal for you! In order to make its delicious seasonings as accessible as possible, you can now buy them online in reclosable bags with free shipping when purchasing 3 bags or more. Why not treat yourself with a delicious all-natural snack during your next movie night?

Seasoning in 3 easy steps

Seasonings can be as good for homemade popcorn, as they are for microwave popcorn.

  1. Make sure you have well-oiled popcorn: Pour a glug of bland oil (eg canola) on your popcorn and all around the bowl. Shake it to spread the oil. This step is not necessary with microwave popcorn unless it is dry.
  2. Season it: Add your OOMPH popcorn seasoning and close the lid. Shake to spread the seasoning. Repeat again for an even tastier popcorn.
  3. Taste it: All you have to do is choose your favourite movie or series and sit back and enjoy your 100% natural snack!


Use it in the kitchen

Seasonings have more than one trick up their sleeve. Here are some easy recipes to make at home:

Pink Salt

Sprinkle pink salt seasoning on well-oiled pita bread and heat them up in the oven to get delicious chips.

Spicy Cajun

Try it on baked chicken drumsticks: you will get a tasty and spicy result.

Maple BBQ

The maple BBQ seasoning on cheese curds is delicious! You can even try it in a dry marinade for pork tenderloin and let stand for 30 minutes before baking.

Apple Pie

Try this seasoning on your toast or cappuccino foam in the morning. It’s the real deal!


This seasoning easily mixes with mashed potatoes, goes well with chicken and can also be sprinkled on cheese curds!

Vegan maple BBQ

Add this seasoning to a vegan mayonnaise for an outstanding result everyone will enjoy.

Check out this OOMPH video to know more about how to season your popcorn with some recipe ideas:  https://youtu.be/aGWv1H5gcug


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