Trout tartare

Make wise and delicious choices using exclusively local products to prepare an absolutely tasty local tartar!

Maison Orphée

Maison Orphée was founded in 1983 and specialized in exporting. But then in 1989, the company diversified into manufacturing. In 1992, the Bélanger family acquired it which enabled Maison Orphée to become a leader in the cold-pressed oils industry in Canada. In love with the craft, the Bélanger sisters invested all they hadin traveling throughout America and Europe to refine their products and offer consumers exceptional oils, mustards and vinegars.

Ferme piscicole des Bobines

Fierce advocates of a sustainable and responsible aquaculture environment, the Ferme piscicole des Bobines has been producing and transforming rainbow trout of superior quality for more than 30 years. To date, this Québec company operates the largest rainbow trout farming site in Quebec. To ensure maximum freshness, all products are processed on site!


In addition to specializing in the growing and packaging of young lettuce sprouts, Vegpro offers a wide range of vegetables all year long. Founded in 1998, this Quebec company is focused on what is best for its consumers. Moreover, they are committed to being the recognized leader in innovation in agricultural production and packaging of salads and vegetables!

Gourmet Sauvage

Did you know that at Gourmet Sauvage, there are no employees? All are considered collaborators, colleagues, pickers, deliverers and distributors. Each person involved in the organization works hard to respect the environment of cultivated and consumed plant species. Established in the Laurentides region, this company devotes itself to the gathering of mushrooms and the production of various products such as mustards, jam, jellies, marinades and herbs.

Huiles Champy

Initially, sunflowers were introduced on the field of Huile Champy for their natural beauty and not for their potential exploitation. Indeed, it was in 1999 that these Upton entrepreneurs began growing sunflowers for agricultural purposed. Then, in February 2000, they launched the first bottle of Champy sunflower oil! Since July 2010, an oil mill has been built directly on the farm, which makes it possible to press, filter and bottle on site!

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