5 Delicious Foods That Perfectly Blend with Honey!

Produced here in Quebec, NATURONEY honey is very popular amongst Quebecers. As a tasty substitute for sugar, it is simply delicious and can easily be combined with a variety of other ingredients. Here are just a few examples...

For Breakfast: Honey & Peanut Butter

You will fall in love with the combination of peanut butter and honey. It’s an exquisite match for your taste buds. It is definitely a most-liked combo for students because of its low price and because it can be easily swallowed up in the morning or on-the-go between class!

For Lunch: Honey & Goat Cheese

Around noon, we like to mix delicate clover honey with the much more pronounced taste of goat cheese. The duo is particularly delicious within a goat cheese crouton salad, caramelized with honey. It is also a perfect fit for gourmet sandwiches. Go for nut bread and add a few pieces of apple: you will be delighted!

For Dinner: Honey & Hot Sauce

Sweet and spicy combinations are particularly popular in Asian cuisine. Quebecers do love a good "General Tao Chicken," which definitely contains those flavours, but have you thought about adding honey to the mix? The honey/spice combo is also divine in a marinade for shrimp, or pairs perfectly with an excellent duck dish. Let opposites come together to create the perfect blend!

For Dessert: Honey Yogurt

Plain yogurt has definitely found its soul mate! These sweet lovers are just as tasty for dessert (try it with grill peaches!) as they are when served as a sauce for a salty dish. It will even bring a nice touch of freshness to poultry and white fish.

To Drink: Tea with Honey

Especially in February, honey and tea make a great team to warm up your heart, relieve sore throats, fight coughs and soothe away stress! Green tea in particular will help to reduce inflammation in the pharynx when infected with a bacterium or a virus. Paired up with honey’s sweetness, this hot drink is definitely your best friend for the winter.


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