5 Different Ways to Cook Mache

New week, same old song: standing in the produce section at the supermarket, wondering what to make for dinner tonight. Searching the alleys for new ingredients that may break the monotony. This week, why not explore mache salad?

Mache salad, also known as corn salad or lamb’s lettuce, is a very popular European dish that has yet to conquer Québec. Hydroserre, better known under the label Laitues Mirabel, is the sole provider of this variety of greens in the province. That said, what is actually mache? Mache is a baby leaf characterized by its tenderness, subtle nutty flavour and high omega-3 fatty acids. But it doesn’t stop there! Mache is rich in beta carotene, once ingested, it is converted into vitamin A throughout the body.


1. On Pizza

Tired of the usual all-dressed pizza? Here's a way to change things up! Swap pepperoni for smoked duck, mushrooms for figs and bell peppers for mache - how’s that for a change? Mache brings a fair share of greens to every meal. Simply add your protein of choice, your favourite veggies and pop it in the oven! A great way to reinvent pizza night.

Get the recipe here.



2. In Pasta

Who said mache and homemade pesto don’t go well together? Nothing beats a freshly made pesto sauce! Treat yourself with this new mache and arugula recipe.

Get the recipe here.




3. In Smoothies

Praised by everyone in the Kingdom of Snoozeland! Get those extra few minutes of beauty sleep and prepare your smoothie the night before. Those extra two minutes of sleep really do make a difference! Jokes aside, let’s talk recipes. Revisit the famous strawberry-banana smoothie by adding a handful of mache. In addition to being a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, these baby leaves will add a wonderful green pigment to your usual smoothie.

Get the recipe here.




4. In Salads

Perfect alternative to spinach or arugula, that brings a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to every salad. On its own or with other greens, this baby leaf fits exquisitely with a light dressing. Need inspiration? Try this recipe: Bartlett pears and avocado on mache




5. In Sandwiches

We can argue all you want, but the sandwich is the go-to lunch for meals on the go. The only problem is that ham and cheese gets boring pretty quickly. We need to spice things up with one or two new ingredients. Start with tuna salad, add fresh cucumber slices, garnish everything with mache and you’ve got a brand new sandwich!

Another recipe idea here!




Want to make mache the star of your meals? Take a look at Laitue Mirabel’s Pinterest!

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