5 ways to contribute to Quebec produce during cold season

The cold season brings a lot of challenges of many kingds. As far as agriculture goes, it’s quite daunting. Despite this, many Quebec entrepreneurs go to great lenghts to offer you high quality local products.

Greenhouse vegetables

You can find many greenhouses in Quebec, which allows us to taste fresh vegetables throughout the year. Among others, you can get vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers, which will contribute to Quebec’s economy. The quality of these products is impressive and they are available in most grocery stores.

Aquafuchsia sprouts and shoots

For a balanced diet during winter, we recommend adding some fresh greenery. Our favorite option is adding Aquafuchsia sprouts and shootss. Available at your supermarket throughout the year, these products are easily incorporated into many recipes: whether in the famous poke-bowl or even in a sandwich. It will bring freshness and originality to your daily meals.

Processed products

When we think about local products, processed foods are not usually first to come in mind.  However a large number of Quebec agri-food companies are processors! They produce products available year-round, many of which are proud to use a large amount of local ingredients.

Jams, salad dressings, preserves, juices ... or even desserts, we can eat local by choosing processed products. Look for the Aliments préparés au Québec logo on the packaging!

Meats and substitutes

Quebec meats already have an amazing reputation! We are renowned for pork, but your butcher has a vast array of products to offer you. To renew your weekly menu, remember to choose from different meat cuts. Alternatives, such as tofu, are also available for those who like to opt for vegetable proteins. There is something for all diets!

Long-life fruits and vegetables

Natural preservation methods have evolved through the years, many fruits and vegetables can now be kept for longer periods of time. Did you know that squash and potatoes can be eaten even after 6 months, if placed in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place.  They are the ones you will find in grocery stores during winter.

There are many ways to bring diversity into your shopping cart while encouraging the local economy. Something to think about!