9 Hostess Gifts Ideas

Let’s be honest, finding a hostess gift can be an arduous task. Of course, there’s always the classics: wine, aperitif, dessert, etc. However, it should not be so complicated to find stunning, not-too-expensive Quebec presents . Yes Yes! We all hope to be the favourite guest of the night and bring THE ideal gift! Here is a list of Quebec articles, which are available easily for all occasions.

1. Raspberries pearls

The fancier a gift is, the more we love it! Impress your host with raspberry pearls from la Ferme Guy Rivest. Like caviar, they are small gelatin bubbles with a raspberry flavor. To taste or simply to decorate, the raspberries pearls will add a little je-ne-sais-quoi to everything.

2. Popcorn salty caramel and maple

Your host has a sweet tooth? The salted caramel and maple popcorn by Gourmais Popcorn is undoubtedly the ideal surprise to offer. Whether  to eat as is  or with ice cream, this sweet and salty popcorn is guaranteed to  not be left in the pantrySurely, you will be invited again!

3. La pincée spice No. 10

Fish, shrimp, grilled chicken, home fries, soup; this fruity, rich and slightly piquant aromatic blend fits with almost everything. La pincée spice No. 10 is a perfect choice for any type of reception. Obviously, this gift is a real go-to. Way to earn a few points with  the mother-in-law!

4. Et voilà! Camelina oil

Oliméga offers camelina oil with a silky and floral taste, reminiscent of a mix of hazelnuts and sesame. It perfectly perfumes salads, salad dressings and stir-fries. Et voilà! Camelina oil is an attention that will make other guests jealous.

5. Onion and Cranberry Confit

At the last minute, your friend asks you to bring an appetizer to share ... What to do? Nutra-Fruit onion and cranberry confit, Quebec cheeses, pâté or a few terrines; Voila! Pssst ... bring a jar of extra confit to offer to the host just in case. Thank us later!

6. Raspberry Chocolate Theobroma

Who does not like to receive chocolates? No one. Vigneault chocolatier offers organic, fairtrade and fine chocolates. The range of Theobroma Chocolate offers unique flavors, inclusions and textures that literally let our taste buds travel. A much more affordable gift than a real trip to the south!

7. Port jelly with spices

For more than 30 years, A. Lefebvre and cie have been crafting jams, jellies, syrups and condiments. As part of the Cuisines de mon Village collection, port jelly with spices results from a perfect balance between the singular aromas of the port and the intensity of the spices. What better way to conclude a good meal among friends than a plate of Quebec cheeses and port jelly?

8. Maple jelly with oyster mushrooms

No need to tell you that maple products are always a winner. L'Érablière Caséal, specializing in the production and processing of organic maple syrup, has concocted a maple jelly with oyster mushrooms. Its maple taste  and subtle fragrances of oyster mushrooms will have any host and guests succumb.

9. Calijo cider

It’s a well-known face that in Quebec, we  produce good cider! Too good maybe! Maybe you’ve heard of la cidrerie Michel Jodoin? Located on the flanks of Mount Rougemont, it specializes in the transformation of apple into cider for more than a century. Nature, a Norman hole or digestif, the Calijo, an apple brandy, can also serve as a good aperitif.

With these gift ideas, you would definitely get the title of the best guest. Get ready, your next Saturdays will be booked for the rest of the year!


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