What’s Your Napoleon Index?

A man is known by the coffee he keeps… As a pioneer in coffee categorization in Quebec, Café Napoléon classifies each of its coffees according to its own levels of intensity: the Napoleon Index. Thus, each of its products are categorized based on origins, roasting duration and degree, as well as blending of coffee beans. Finding a coffee according to your taste has never been easier!

Before you try the delicious gourmet coffees of this great local roaster, discover what your personality says about your taste when it comes to coffee!

1. What type of vacation best suits your interests?

A) Travelling is the opportunity to discover the most beautiful world wonders! Spain is your dream destination for all its historical and artistic richness.

B) You are known for all your crazy adventures. Your next project: a whole month backpacking through Asia with no specific itinerary in mind.

C) Quiet time. An opportunity to rest at the cottage next to the lake. Simple as that!

D) You just love road trips! Gaspesie is your favourite region in Quebec for a family trip.

2. What’s your favourite colour touch for decorating your home?

A) A bright red that catches the eye

B) A warm orange reflecting your daily dose of joviality

C) A sparkling violet for a royal-looking decor

D) Green because your house is full of plants

3. Which of these qualities describe you the best?

A) Creative, open-minded, dynamic and good communicator

B) Witty, positive, stable and hardworking

C) Warm, energetic, brave and passionate

D) Fancy, natural, feminine and dreamer

4. What do you like to do on a first date?

A) You like it when there is action around you, that's why the atmosphere of a bar is always a great fit when it comes to choosing a place to meet.

B) When it’s sunny outside, a picnic at the park is perfect to get to know the person.

C) You don’t really like dating, it can easily make you uncomfortable if the chemistry is not there. A classic cafe to break the ice might be the best idea.

D) Any activity that allows you to move makes you happy! You will always be ready to try new sports or take on new challenges.

5. What are the first words you say when you wake up in the morning?

A) "Where is my coffee?"

B) "Good morning!"

C) "I had a crazy dream last night, it didn’t make any sense! "

D) "I just prepared pancakes! "


1 : A=3, B=4, C=1, D=2      2 : A=4, B=1, C=3, D=2                  3 : A=1, B=2, C=4, D=3  

4 : A=4, B=1, C=3, D=2      5 : A=4, B=1, C=3, D=2

Among numbers corresponding to your answers, find the one you get the most.


Your personality is…

Dark Roast (4 as majority): Your complex and intense personality is looking for aromas that are just as punchy!


Medium Roast  (3 as majority): You deserve a coffee as classy as you!


Mellow Roast (2 as majority): In case you don’t already know, smooth and velvety coffees are made for you!


Mild Roast (1 as majority): Sip your coffee quietly as it’s part of your little life’s pleasures!


Explore Café Napoléon and find products that suits you best according to your tastes right here!