Firebarns Sauces inc.


Firebarns Sauces inc.

Chosing Firebarns is chosing a company founded by Frank Menard and P-O Drouin, 2 spicy foods fan. Their ultimate goal is to democratize hot sauces and bring that trend in Canada. We grow more than 150 tons of peppers each year that we process locally to make the economy grow. Over the years, a wide range of new products was added to our offer. Differents flavors of BBQ sauces made with quality ingredients, seasonings that will make you travel all over the world, tasty condiments made our special way et a range of Bloody Caesar products to succeed in making this popular Canadian drink. Our president Barney is the face of our business and you can see him appear on each product label. The name of the brand Firebarns is a tribute to this very special english bulldog. He puts his paw on each bottle!


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