The best way to do your holiday brunch

With the many evenings spent with family and friends during the holidays, it is rather rare that the opportunity to organize a brunch does not show up. This meal, always appreciated by the majority, can be quite chaotic to organize. It is similar from year to year: eggs, ham, bacon and toast. This year, we propose a new way of doing things, which will free your morning and will certainly please all guests.

Prepare the day before

Why get up early and get everything ready in the morning? Brunch should not be a source of stress. The evening of the day before was quite tiring enough! Choose foods that you can prepare in advance, the day before brunch, or even before, if the food can be preserved for a long time. Enjoy the small pots you made during the month of December (onion confit, apple butter, jams etc.). Make yogurt verrines with granola and maple flake.You can even offer the ingredients in different pots so that the guests prepare their verrine themselves!

For eggs, reinvent brunch to offer something unique to your guests. Take hard-boiled eggs and cut them in half to place a slice of smoked salmon on top and a few finely chopped herbs. Assemble brie with honey and dried cranberries in a baking dish. All you have to do is bake it in the morning for a delicious melted brie.

Trust Quebec artisans and brands

No more simple toast! Go to a bakery near your home to show specialty breads to your guests. You can also get some pastries that go well with breakfast. Trusting Quebec artisans who offer quality products will reduce your workload for this famous meal. For croissants, you can buy frozen ones that are ready to bake, or even already cooked that you just have to warm up. Do not forget a nice baguette to taste the brie!

A bit of madness

Do not forget, brunch is also an opportunity to have a good time and celebrate. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a glass of Quebec cider! Its taste goes very well with the flavors of your brunch. The leftover pâtés are not just for lunches, they are ideal for brunch. Do not forget to bring them out so that everyone benefits. Finally, a little coffee from a Quebec brulerie would surely help everyone start the day!

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