1001 Fondues

Cheese fondue is a meal that instantly brings happiness and comfort. It is however not mandatory to reserve this treat for a Saturday night!

This winter, savor tasty melted cheese in just 5 minutes with 1001 Fondues.

Family portrait

1001 Fondues is a family business from Quebec city that manufactures great  Fondue d'Ici. These fresh melted fondue do not use additives or preservatives and are made exclusively from cheeses of  different regions of Quebec. Ready-to-cook, they are simple to prepare and fun to share.




The history of this company began 30 years ago when Jean-Yves Lapointe tasted a cheese fondue in Switzerland. Wanting to recreate this amazing culinary experience, he transmited this tradition at the restaurant Au Chalet Suisse in Old Quebec, when he became the owner in 1984. In doing so, Jean-Yves and the whole Lapointe family allowed Quebecers and tourists to discover the typical Swiss fondue.

Later on, we met  Jean-Yves Lapointe at the Café Suisse and at La Grolla, two institutions in Quebec city serving flavors of Switzerland.

Fondue is happiness

After these experiences, the Lapointe family began a tour of Quebec's regions in 2010 to develop new recipes. This experiment resulted in the founding of the company 1001 Fondues and the commercialization of a first Fondue d’Ici : la Charlevoisienne.

1001 Fondues offers twenty fondue made from Quebec artisan agri-food products . The company encourages cheese makers from many regions in Quebec such as Charlevoix, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Isle-Aux-Grues and Estrie. Today three generations are involved in the creation of the Fondue d’Ici: Jean-Yves Lapointe, his daughter Caroline, her husband and their three daughters, Elsa, Pénélope and Ophélie.

Let yourself be comforted by the products of the Lapointe family for whom fondue, cheese and sharing around the fondue pot is a true passion.

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