Grandma’s top 3 culinary tips

Needless to say, Grandma's cooking techniques have built their reputation over time. Even those that might seem a little odd, a few of them will probably save the day at some point!

My dish is too spicy, what should I do?

Extra spicy spaghetti sauce is not to everyone’s taste. Most people will like it with a little kick, but not too much. How can you save the day if you get a little too excited when seasoning the sauce? Peel a potato and add it to the mix. After a few minutes, the potato should absorb some of the extra spiciness. Psst ... if you drop too much salt, you do the same with a slice of bread!

How to preserve your fruits a little longer?

Managing the fruit bowl can be a difficult task. Day 1: you could almost break a tooth on this pear. Day 3: Fruit flies took over the bowl. To make matters worse, that pear now has softened brown spots and doesn’t look tasty anymore. How can you avoid losing so many fruits? Keep the cork of your next wine bottle and cut it in half. Place it in the fruit bowl and it will absorb any extra moisture, which could make your fruits ripen too quickly.

Bursting into tears… over onions, can you make it stop?

Cooking gadgets are outdated and often not very efficient. The best trick to cut an onion without shedding some tears is: the freezer. Are you sure? It takes only 10 minutes in the freezer and voilà! The freezing cold neutralizes that infamous gas responsible for this recurrent kitchen drama. At least, it’s worth trying, right?