Homemade canned goods be kept during 12 to 18 months

At this time of year, everyone is desperate of the snow. Did you know that it is possible to eat food from home 12 months a year? The solution: homemade canned. So, there is no longer excuse for substituting your favorite Quebec foods.

For those who ask the question: "How can I make my own homemade canned? Well, we did a list of easy steps for you.

  • First of all, you need a large pan that is enough profound to immerse your jars in it.
  • Before put your recipes in your jars, it is important to sterilize your pots by boiling them about 5 minutes. Each time, you can easily reuse your pots and rings, but it is essential to equip new disks to have an adequate sealing.
  • To activate the "power" of the discs, you must immerse them in hot water. Be careful, the water should not be boiling, only hot.
  • This is the fun part: fill your pots with your own pickles and jams. Note that you must leave a space of one centimeter up to the neck of the pot. Before putting the lids, make sure there is no food on the edges.
  • Then, close your pots without tightening the lids too much.
  • Immerse them one by one in boiling water. Follow the sterilization time indicated on your recipe.
  • Finally, take out the pots gently with tongs. (Be careful, it's hot, very hot) Let your canned food rest on a cloth for about 24 hours.

To find out if your pot is well sealed, trust the curvature of the disc. If it is bent inwards, it means that your can is sealed. For those who are more auditory, you can trust the famous "pop".

If ever your pot does not seem sealed properly. Keep it in the refrigerator and consume it quickly. When it comes to canned foods, keep them in a dark and cool place.

Pssst ... Do not forget to write the date of preparation on each pot for reference throughout the year!


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