More Than 300 Varieties of Honey in The World

We should be proud of honey production here in Quebec! Did you know that our province boasts a little over 49,000 hives? With a colour that ranges from white to black, through to shades of blond, brown and red, as well as a flavour that varies just as much, everyone can find a honey to suit their taste! Indeed, colours and flavours always depend on the flower from which the nectar has been harvested.

Classic Clover Honey

Clover is the plant that contributes the most to the production of honey in Quebec. Here’s why clover honey is the variety that is most easily found in grocery stores: its delicate aroma blends incredibly well with almost any food. It is certainly the favourite honey of Quebecers for that reason.

The extravagant blueberry honey by NATURONEY

In addition to being tasty, this variety of honey contributes to the cultivation of the iconic blueberries from Lac-St-Jean! Every year, more than 8,000 hives are transported to this region to help pollinate blueberry fields which quadruple blueberry production every year. Through this journey, bees provide us with amazing honey made right here on our province’s soil. It’s safe to say that this original fruity honey is a wonderful addition to yogurt, desserts and cheese platters!

What to do with crystallized honey?

At some point, we’ve all had a jar of crystallized honey at home and we often don’t know what to do with it. Mystery solved: honey crystallization is actually a very normal process. Do not throw your honey in the trash. Instead, simply put the jar under hot water for a few minutes and the honey will resume to its liquid form. Preserve it between 18 and 27 degrees for optimal results. Amazingly, honey has a lifespan ranging from ten to one hundred years!


Other interesting facts