Myths and truths about maple syrup

In Quebec, maple syrup is one of our greatest prides! Our province alone produces 71% of the world's maple syrup production. It's a little over 12.5 million of maple syrup gallons produced by our sugar shacks each year. And it’s getting higher each year, isn’t it amazing?

Test your knowledge this delicious liquid gold!

When cooking, you have to use a larger quantity of maple syrup if it’s a replacement to sugar. FALSE

Use the same amount of maple syrup to replace sugar in a recipe. However, since the syrup is liquid, you have to take out ¼ cup of liquid ingredients (milk, juice or water) from the recipe for each cup of syrup you’re adding.

For 1 cane of maple syrup, you need 10 liters of maple water. FALSE

We are talking about no less than 20 liters of maple water to produce your syrup cane! There’s a good reason why we call it liquid gold!

It is best to pour maple syrup from the cane into an airtight container. TRUE

Once you have opened your cane, its aromas can dissipate over time. Therefore, it’s best to keep it in an airtight container and stored in the fridge.

Maple butter contains butter. FALSE

Despite what the name suggests, maple butter does not contain dairy products at all. The texture is achieved with heating and churning. Surprising, isn’t it?

A good syrup production depends on the temperature. TRUE

The temperature difference between our cold winters and hot summers is crucial for maple syrup production. Also, for a good sap flow of sap, we need freezing temperatures at night, with warmer daytimes.


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