Maple and its 7 variations

Who says spring says sugar time. Here we are! It’s this time of year when we can consume all maples products that we want in any meal. People from Quebec know how the maple perfectly complements everything. And what’s the best thing about maple ? The  richness of its variations ... Good  for all tastes, all dishes and especially, all appetites!

1. Maple Syrup

The great classic! Delicious with sweet or savory dished, maple syrup offers incredible flexibility. Pancakes, yogurt, bacon, salmon; everything is possible! Did you know that at the beginning of the season the syrup is clearer, so its taste will be more delicate and slightly sweet? At the end of  the season, the syrup will get darker and packed with flavours.

2. Maple Water

What is that, would you ask? Natural and 100% pure, maple water is actually the natural sap of maple tree. Necta and Oviva are two companies whose products are certified by Aliments du Québec. They offer you this unique product, which is certainly worth the try. Have you ever thought of brewing your coffee with maple water? To find new ideas for cooking with maple water, visit the

3. Maple butter

Rich, smooth and decadent, maple butter can be enjoyed any time!. Only cooking and churning make the texture of this butter, no dairy products are used. Surprising, isn’t it? Tout-à-l'érable offers a full range of maple butter with a full variety of flavors. To discover all the products, it's right here.

4. Maple spirits

Let’s raise our glass to all those who adore as much as we do sugar season! Incorporate some local flavors into your festivities by choosing fermented maple water or maple flavored liquors. There is a ton of alcohol made with  maple. Now, you only need to try them out to find which one is your favorite.

5. Maple taffy

What better way to spend a family day outdoors than going to the sugar house to have a  good maple taffy on the snow. This Quebec-native activity is an excellent way to celebrate sugaring off season andto spend a great moment with your loved ones people who count for you.

6. Maple Sugar

Sugar is an essential ingredient to survive (ok, maybe not). Nevertheless, it defitetly brings a fancy touch to any sweet recipe! Why don’t use maple sugar instead of regular sugar? Excellent substitute, it is available in several textures like granulated or smooth.

7. Maple Flakes

Who would have thought that we could get pretty maple flakes by dehydrating  maple syrup ? We can thank the genius that thought of it, because now we can truly appreciate maple in all its forms. Cocktail, dessert, breadcrumbs or even spices mixes; the flakes add a touch of Quebec to all our meal.


Maple and its variations

Enjoy sugar time

Pancakes with grilled bacon and apples
Maple flavored chômeur pudding