Organic and local food: a sustainable marriage

Whether it’s for health, to reduce the impact on the environment or to promote local economy, eating organic and local is popular! But do we know the real effects of local organic food? For nearly five years, the Aliments du Québec – Bio brand, as well as the Aliments prepares au Québec – Bio brand, can help you choose certified organic products from Québec companies.

Through a partnership with the Biological Filtration of Québec and the Conseil des appellations réservées et des termes valorisants (CARTV), Aliments du Québec has been offering Quebecers, since 2013, the opportunity to identify the provenance of certified biological products with new versions of its already well-known logos.

Organic food in Quebec

In Quebec, about one hundred stores specialize in organic food. These retailers can offer you many of the 894 organic products bearing the Aliments du Québec – Bio or Aliments prepares au Québec – Bio logo. The popularity of these products has been growing strongly for several years as well as the offer.

Many products, from many companies

It’s easier than ever to get organic products, whatever their nature. Dairy products, meats, grains, fruits and vegetables, not to mention the delicious maple products; the organic Quebec-sourced choices  are numerous and easy to find. Each category is subject to strict regulations, which guarantee the quality of food. To facilitate your research on organic products and companies, visit Le Québec Bio, where you will be able to find the many outlets selling organic products. You prefer to visit a single supermarket? An organic section is often arranged to facilitate your grocery research!

Local and organic : an amalgam of values

Over time, organic products have raised a lot of questions. We need to be cautious, especially when it comes to faulty certifications. In order to protect yourself as a consumer, it is important to understand food certifications.

Organic certifications are not awarded lightly by certifications organizations. Companies must meet very strict specifications and standards to ensure compliance. Certifications of origin, such as those of Aliments du Québec, are based on rigorous criteria and validate the origin of food produced in Quebec soil. The organic versions of the Aliments du Québec brands combine two important aspects for many consumers: organic, which ensures a pesticide-free crop with less environmental impact, and local purchasing, which guarantees safety standards among the highest in the world and which encourages the economy of the different regions of Quebec.

The best trick is to properly read the label and choose foods that are certified from a recognized program. To find out about the organizations that support the organic sector in Quebec, you can visit the Entreprises page on Le Québec Bio. By consuming organic products from Quebec, you ensure the rigor of the certification and a conscientious transformation process.

A choice for the environment and the community

These locally produced and grown foods and biological standards reduce negative impacts on the environment. Organic certified companies emit few pollutants into the environment, preserve waterways and minimize percolation of contaminants in soils. They also have a positive impact in our community. The local organic industry contributes to the increase of jobs throughout the province, the creation of several specialized jobs and also the increase of Quebec products reputation as being of very high quality. Eating organic is much more than a trend!