5 daily actions to add to your routine

Some experts say it takes up to 21 days for our metabolism to adjust to a new habit. Obviously, this number can vary from one person to another, since we’re all different. One important thing to remember: time is essential when you want to create a routine.

Now, what could be added to a daily routine to be more effective?

Wake up 30 minutes earlier

Get up late, get ready quickly, eat fast... This is a morning scenario for many people. Isn’t it unfortunate to start everyday like that? If you could get up at the best 30 minutes earlier, you could be more effective and take out that useless stress!

Plan nutritious snacks

To regulate your hunger, it’s important to plan a few snacks throughout the day: morning, afternoon and after dinner. Obviously, snacks shouldn’t be meal replacements, but a complement to your diet: an apple, a handful of nuts or dairy products are excellent choices. For those looking for a substitute for yogurt, think of Nutrinor Rice Pudding!

Disconnect from technologies

When did you turn off your cellphone for the last time? We are constantly connected to technologies. Why not take a break for once? You’ll feel liberated and relaxed while being disconnected from the world…. And this wellness feeling is worth any visit to the spa!

Take time for yourself

Why shouldn’t you take a little time for yourself every day? Mission impossible? With 24 hours within 1 day, you should be able to book at least 1 hour for yourself. Write it on your agenda! This relaxation moment will give you the energy boost to finish your daily tasks.

Create a nighttime routine

After a stressful day at work, sleep doesn’t always come easily. Specialists agree that a bedtime routine is the best way to prepare your body for good night sleep. This technique, often used for children, consists of executing in order the same actions before bed, each night.


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