5 essentials to create the perfect brunch

Who doesn't like brunch? It's the perfect combination of sweet or salty breakfast foods for your lunch. Isn’t it wonderful? Whatever you preference, anyone can find something they like. Dig into the pastries basket or figh a little over the last spoonful of baked beans. These get together create moments of pure happiness and excellent Instagram stories. 

Comfort drinks

Whether you're a fan of mimosa or big latte mocha, there's nothing better than starting your day with your favorite morning drink. To simplify your life during a brunch, the drink bar option is the best way to save time. We just have to prepare all the necessary ingredient and invite your guests to serve themselves as they please. In this way everyone is delighted!

Great balance between sweet and salty

This existential dilemma: sweet or salty? During a brunch, it's ESSENTIAL to have both options on the table. Obviously,  some guests will have some of both, but that's the best part of a brunch. Are you that kind of person, if so raise your hand! 

Bel Gaufre’s waffle bar

During a brunch, managing waffle baking can be complex. The solution: prepare a Bel Gaufre’s waffle bar. Already cooked and ready to serve, these Belgian waffles will become your best ally for your morning get togethers. Then, just add some toppings options: chocolate sauce, fresh fruits, nuts, whipped cream, maple syrup and bacon on the side, etc.

Flexitarian options

Nowadays, it' hard to plan a meal while adapting to dietary restrictions of everyone. Here are some tips: Lactose intolerance: soy milk; vegetarian: bacon of tempeh; gluten free: homemade muffins. Although it's impossible to plan everything, having a few options shows your guests your hosting skills.

The art of the table

As the expression says « we eat with our eyes ». A word to remember here: Pinterest! If you're lacking inspiration, this social media is the perfect place to find decorating ideas. Keep the glue gun, scissors and wild imagination aside for those big weekend projects. You can find simple ideas too! Psst ... go buy a few items at a a store nearby to save some time.


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