Souvenirs from visits to grandma

We all have cherished souvenirs from our visits to our grandparent’s place. As we get older, we realize how much we appreciated these little moments, even if at the time they seemed ordinary. Whether you are 12, 24 or 36 years old, they become even better reasons to run by for a visit.

Fantex slippers

There is only one place in the world where you can wear fantex slippers with no shame: in the home of the person who made them. As per tradition wants it and to please grandma, we have to pick out the same pair each time. Keeping your toes warm and sporting that bright blue and red pair will make granny very happy!

Your favorite meal and dessert

One day, when you were 8 years old you said: "This is my favorite recipe Nanna!”. She sure heard you right; even if she already had bad hearing even at the time. Since then, she makes sure to have you favorite dish ready to serve when you come by, to see you make that smile in between each bite.

Leave with a full stomach

Let’s be honest, even if you tried it’s impossible to leave without having a full stomach. It would be a disgrace to your grandma’s cooking too. In addition to the abundance of food on the menu, it always ends with a wonderful plate of desserts. Homemade donuts, rice crispies bites, peanut butter cookies; she’s been baking all day just for you.

The candy jar

There’s always a candy jar somewhere in the house, probably on the coffee table in the living room. Just like when you were a kid, you’ll have to take a handful and place it your pocket.


You might want to go light on grocery shopping, since you’ll be sure to leave with a week’s worth of meals and lunches. Grandma wants to make sure you eat right, might as well make some space in the fridge beforehand! The kids will be thrilled to have grandma’s spaghetti sauce at lunch.

A comforting goodbye

Our grandparents have a special way of saying goodbye. Their loving gaze, the heartfelt hug and that familiar phrase "Come back whenever you want!”… It’s all it takes to make it the best goodbye.


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