5 ideas of roadtrip snacks!

When you’re travelling, it’s always handy to have some snacks ready, especially with kids. With a little inspiration and preparation, you could turn an afternoon snack in a treat for everyone!

1. Quebec strawberries

It’s still time to enjoy fresh strawberries from local producers! Whether you pick them yourself or buy them at the grocery store, it’s a snack full of antioxidants and vitamins A and C. Eat them without moderation! 

TIP: Rinse and cut in half for the little ones. It’ll save you time!

2. Healthy cookies

Why not bring some nice healthy cookies at the campsite? Everyone will enjoy them with some oats, chia seeds, cranberries and white chocolate. Thanks to high protein chia seeds, these cookies can help you wait until dinner time.

3. Montbec candies

Montbec candies are perfect to treat yourself… without sugar! They’ve created sweets for all tastes: cranberry, cherry, “tutti-fruit”, raspberry, cream orange, cinnamon and many more. They are gluten free and nut free, and recommended for a low carb diet. A nice way to finish up lunch!

4. Light dip with vegetables of the season 

For those who prefer a salty snack, slice up some veggies and prepare a light dip with fat free Greek yogurt, instead of mayo. You can add some fresh herbs such as dill or chives. Don’t forget to bring an ice pack to keep veggies crispy and preserve your dip. 

5. Popcorn time!

Popcorn is also a fun salty snack for all the family, but often forgotten! Simply prepare in your microwave at home, and bring in a container or Ziploc bag.


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