5 Tips to upgrade Your Lunch Box

Let’s put our  cards on the table immediately: no one really enjoys preparing one’s lunch, especially on a Monday morning! To make this task a bit more exciting, here is a list of ideas to add a touch of love to your lunchbox.

1. Dare to eat fancy

When preparing for lunches, we often opt for simplified recipes prepared with basic foods. Although the famous salads, sandwiches and soups are always appreciated, it’s always nice to have somethingthat makes you dream in your lunchbox. Have you thought of bringing a cheese fondue leftover? Everything is possible with a little imagination and a microwave!

2. Give a makeover to your food

When we say that we eat with our eyes, it is true! Everything is always more appetizing when it looks good. To get some ideas, a word to google: Bentobox. For children, and even adults, let's be honest, there's nothing cuter than a panda-shaped sandwich, raw vegetables cut into flowers and a star-shaped brownie!

3. Mix a funky fall's strawberries beverage

Smoothies or flavored water; there are a ton of strawberry beverages that are transported wonderfully in lunches. The best thing in that: all these beverages can be prepared the day before! So there is no reason to skip it. On this matter, l’Association des producteurs de fraises et framboises du Québec gives you the chance to win a Vitamix to help you prepare a fabulous smoothie to make sure you enjoy the freshness of fall strawberries. Enter here!


4. Write a love note

Who doesn’t like  surprises? Sometimes a simple "Good Day" written on a napkin can change the taste of our chicken croissant. Spread the taste of happiness around you!

5. Exchange lunch with a colleague

If preparing a lunch is not the most motivating task, it’s still better to prepare a lunch that is not for oneself. Suddenly, we want to put more effort on the preparation since this lunch will be tasted by someone other than ourselves. Psst... if you want the game worth the effort, be sure to conclude this agreement with a colleague who has the same tastes and culinary talents as you!


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